Grease Gun GG-1


Grease Gun GG-1 is a practical press that can be used to comfortably, cleanly and accurately apply lubricant (eg PT-PPL-1, PPL-2, HPG-1) or assembly paste (eg PT-ASC-1), etc. We do not recommend SuperGrip SAC-2. The press head can be screwed onto any Park Tool tube, any lubricant or suitable assembly paste can be pressed into the cylindrical container that is part of the package. To ensure long life even in everyday use, all parts are made of steel. Weight 260 g.



Use as a self contained grease gun by using the included 3.6 fl. oz (100mL) canister or screw the pump on to any tube of Park Tool grease or anti-seize. Small tip opening ensures precise placement of lube in any application.


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