Summer's almost here!

Have you enjoyed the weather lately?

Last year, and of most the present one, have been an absolute load of rubbish for most people.

We have all experienced many let downs and disappointments due to the pandemic. I’m sure I am not alone when I say I am craving freedom of movement and the return of lifestyle I enjoyed in Prague, B.C. (before Corona).

It is hard to be stuck inside, but lately, the weather has brought many positives. I’m not one to go out and break the rules. It’s rather uncomfortable to see parks and other public places packed, without much regard for the current lockdown rules. But there is a great way to go out and enjoy the weather without putting yourself and others at risk. Yep, why not go out for a ride!

Prague is a fantastic city, very well adapted to cater to cyclists. Not only can you find cycling paths almost everywhere in the city, but you will also find all kinds of cycling routes taking you in and out of the city for all types of cyclist. Regardless of whether you are a casual, intermediate or expert cyclist, you will find an enjoyable route for your skills or the difficulty level of the ride you are looking for. Personally, I like the type of ride that is not too demanding, mostly flat terrain. I do not mind few hills, but I want incredible scenery and a reward at the end like beer or cake!

A few days ago, I left my house and made it to Troja, riding alongside the river, nothing too demanding. On Friday, I had things to do in Prague 10, definitely more hilly, but a really enjoyable ride. So much so that I continued a little further and discovered new areas I have never seen before. The physical activity is excellent, but being outside, enjoying my time and feeling safe, not partaking in the crowds gathering in the city, was incomparable. For now, I prefer to do my share so we can get out of this together and take our lifestyles back, without the corona threat dangling above us. A few weeks ago, I was at the faculty hospital in Vinohrady doing some x-rays; the situation was terrifying. I can tell you that the hospital looked like a biochemical war zone. It was so packed; the emergency room seemed like a scene from the 1995 movie Outbreak. I could see with my own eyes that the hospital was struggling to take care of everyone there.

So hey, there you go. If you want to enjoy the weather we are experiencing, do it safely. Hit me up; let’s get your bikes tuned up and go out enjoy the cycling paths this wonderful city has to offer. If you are more of an offroad person, you will be pleased with what you can find just a little outside the city centre.


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