Little riders project!

Do you remember your first bike? The joy we had rolling down the street to meet up at the park, running errands… Did you put those cards on the frame to give bike the sounds of a motorcycle?! As kids we have such an imagination and new how to make thing cooler than they were hahaha!

  Unfortunately, for various reasons, not everyone has the chance to experience the joys of riding a bicycle to school, to a friends house, or just to the park for pure pleasure. A bike should be part of every child’s childhood to experience the outdoor joys the digital world makes us forget sometimes. The reality is, despite the families’ best efforts, not every child around us have the same opportunity to own their very own bicycle.

We all have it in our hearts to see other people enjoy happiness as much as we do. A selfless action could be as simple as fixing a tire or adjusting the seat for a fellow rider. At Wheels N’ Chains, we believe a child should have the opportunity to ride a bicycle and to parents not have to choose between their child happiness and groceries.



Together we can make a difference and contribute to a better place for our kids, our future. You can help by donating the old bicycles you have laying around collecting dust. Wheels N’ Chains will collect the bicycles, restore them, and deliver them to a fellow human being needing a bike. In addition, if you have components or accessories you have no use for, you can donate them, and we will use them with the same intentions. Together we can make a difference and bring a little more happiness around us.

Let's give them the chance to own a bicycle?

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

How to donate

To donate your old bicycle, components or accessories, please use the contact form to provide the following information:

  • A list of what you are donating
  • Address to pick it up
  • Possible dates and times to pick up.

If you prefer to drop off your donations, please specify it to arrange a time at Wheels N’ Chains drop off locations in Prague 1 or Prague 2. Please note that a picture of the items to donate is appreciated to assess the best way to pick them up.